Libre Crashed - Temp file 0KB

I see crashes happen often, by the look of the thousands of views to similar posts here.

So, like many (victims), I had a 30 page document typed, about 20 hours in. About 50 documents open in Writer on a laptop (with only a couple Gigs of RAM).

Program on occasion crashes, so used to just stepping through the recovery. This time, the recovery didn’t open all of te 50 files, but rather about 10.

Found the Temp folder, surprised at the lack of intuitive design, for instance:

  1. folder names are “lu3492iew.n.tmp” etc. and not by date
  2. all are just in the root temp folder directory, not under a Libre folder etc.

Located a couple folders that have the relevant files, however, in identifying the candidate temp files (by date / time of crash), the five or so files I was working on show 0KB file size. Opening them also produces nothing.

I started using this program (or the variant) as Star Office aprox. 20 years ago, in hopes of having an alternative to the Goon Gates Office. However, in using the current versions of Office, I see it reliably recovers all files that have not been saved (Adobe InDesign faithfully/competently recovers unsaved files also). If Libre has indeed lost these files, I will revert back to Office after so many years, as the unreliability and the importance of these documents that are now seemingly lost (along with the goofy Temp file folder names, above) are evidence that this program was just not well implemented/executed and the severe inconvenience this has caused in intolerable and inexcusable, especially since it has some target Temp files, just no size/content. A Fail.

TIP: what would help upon auto recovery after a program crash, (1) instead of just the file name, have a column for the path too as some people use multiple removable flash usb drives, each having their own unique drive letter, so it would help to know which usb drive needed to be installed and the drive designation (in case it changed upon removal and subsequent “mounting” etc., and needed to be changed in the O.S. to match the file path); and (2) make the window resizable (to see the full path etc.); and (3) have the program identify what files will be successful or not (via the green checkmark or red “x”), prior clicking/running “Start”, to resolve any path issue/problem as best as possible to reduce any failures/red X’s, prior to the only option being to save whatever (which is sketchy). Isn’t this obvious to anyone? Such minimal coding to effect. On this point, Microsoft and Adobe finally got it right, while Libre Lags and harms the users.

Windows 10

So, looking at this link here: [Tutorial] How to find and un-delete AOO/LO temporary files (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

It says: “If you create a new document from scratch Writer creates an empty temporary file with nothing in it, so there is nothing to recover unless you had AutoRecovery set to ON and an AutoRecovery save had taken place.”

This is EXACTLY what Microsoft Office/Word WILL DO - recover content from a new unsaved document. Isn’t that great - not hard to do actually (so why is Libre so “challenged”).

In the same link above, found Section 3b, titled:

3b. Recovering the AutoRecovery file for a new document which has never been saved

Would paste 3b. here, but exceeds the max characters. Anyway, once again, Libre throws files into Backup folder (like the Temp), without a sub folder by date. So, in this Backup folder, though Libre crashed yesterday, the Date Mod for nearly all files are from one month ago (and odder) the Date Created vary over 8 months into the past, instead of yesterday

(continuing from above)
“(and odder) the Date Created vary over 8 months into the past [for separate crashes I presume], instead of yesterday”
To not ensure data integrity, when it’s so simple to do (especially now), is a complete catastrophe. The Auto Recovery is a half-baked idea, that causes user’s the false security to rely upon it, then when it doesn’t work and “all is lost”, it’s a catastrophic fail. Then I’m sure someone will say, “hey, can’t complaint, you got it (LO) for free”

As ask’s site help states, to request an enhancement or to file a bug issue, there are relevant sites.