libre Graphics corruption on font rendering involving LibreOffice, NVidia and Compiz

I got the question title from Walter Ribeiro who logged bug fdo#62438 with Bugzilla. I am having the same problem, which is, and I quote, “Sometimes while opening LibreOffice, or opening/saving/formating/etc a document, LibreOffice toolbar fonts get corrupted. Closing and opening LibreOffice doesn’t solve the problem.
Sometimes other open programs are also affected and their menu and toolbars are also corrupted.
The problem appears to be related to the amount or available resources, because the issue is more frequent if there are many open programs.
When the problem occurs, screen sometimes flashes once or two times. But if I have an external monitor plugged, the effects get worse and screen flashes and flicker for many seconds. At this point sometimes system recover and continues working. Sometimes session hangs and return to login screen. Sometimes all the system freezes and I must turn off computer”.
I am running a desktop using Ubuntu 13.04. Anyone else experiencing this or know of an answer.