Libre-Impress settings default back on start-up

Hi guys.

I have a Raspberry Pi running on a TV, displaying some data in our office using Libre Office - Impress.

The data was originally created in PowerPoint, I’ve since got it running using Impress and I am having a few minor issues. Because the powerpoint needs to be updated weekly, I set up Samba Server so I can drag the new powerpoint onto the pi, put it in a script and add it to the startup feature so intervention with a keyboard and mouse is needed.

The problem I am facing is, every-time we reboot the Pi so that it takes the new document and displaying the new data, all the settings in Libre reset. For example, I change the side transaction time to 30 seconds per slide, I make the slideshow loop without waiting for 10 seconds after the last slide, yet when I reboot the pi’s these restore back to default and my slideshow sits on the first slide.

The idea is I want to be able to drop my new powerpoint onto the pi, with the same file name so it overwrites the current one, then reboot the pi so the script auto starts.

I am running a Raspberry pi 3b with Ubuntu Mate ( not sure on the version but its fairly recent )

Has anyone got any idea how I can get these settings to stick, preferably so everytime I don’t have to plug a mouse and keyboard and change them

Thank you.