libre office 5.3 hangs after splash screen - ubuntu

I installed libreoffice 5.3 from ppa link text but when I start libreoffice it shows the splash screen and nothing else

Version is LibreOffice 30m0(Build:2), in Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

I had similar problem with debian 9 (32bit) and libreoffice 5.2.7. As a last resort I installed debian 9 as 64bit version and the problem was solved.

Please check your ubuntu installation: dpkg --print-architecture

I have had this problem relating to libre office trying to use opencl when it can’t.

To fix:

  • open a terminal
  • run:
    SAL_DISABLE_OPENCL=1 soffice
    (exactly like above)
  • libre office should open
  • open Tools → Options → LibreOffice → OpenCL and disable the option “Allow use of OpenCL”

Next time you start Libre Office, it should just work normally.