Libre Office 5 calc crashes


I am working on Libre office 5.0.0 which is the updated version of Libre office. The calc is crashing very often every now & then its becoming very difficult to work. any solution to it.

you’ll have to be more specific about that is your system and what are you doing. For production use LO 4.5 is more stable in many cases.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve downloaded a few excel sheets for health tracking. They seem to be complicated so I just chalked it up to LO doing a bad conversion. But when I started a new sheet and tried to merge and center the title the text disappeared. After a few clicks it reappeared centered, but then crashed. Then it tried to recover the file and it crashed again. Maybe 5 is not ready for use.

if you can isolate the specific function it would be useful to see if there is a bug report already filed, and if not to create one. By “merge” do you mean select an entire column and then copy/paste? I believe there is a pending bug report for that.

Hi Ranajit

LO-5 is from LibreOffice Fresh & as such may be buggy. You need to get used to using Bugzilla (or the Bug Assistant).

The alternative is to use LibreOffice Still (more stable, less exciting).

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Here iti is a crash report of this problem

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