Libre Office 5 will not open any files except in the home folder

I store my files on other partitions and a second internal hd.
Dolphin can see and open all folder and drives, LO did until the last update.

Yes. I can use Dolphin to move files back and forth, but that feels like I am going backwards!

Thank you for any help

BJ Russell

question has been re-tagged by me as ‘libreoffice-4.2.8’ from ‘libre’+‘office’+‘4.2.8’, although title refers to LO-5 -AK

Check your mount parameters for the other partitions, 2nd HDD.

@bjr, you made 2 mistakes, of which 1 is 2-part: libre and office should be a single word, and either the title’s 5 needs to be replaced or the should be replaced.


I am able to open files from local and remote directories using v5.3.6.1. Suggest you try the following:

1 Try to open a LibreOffice Calc or Draw file from the desired directory. (This will check your access to the directory and its files.)

2A. If #1 fails, revert to your previous version of LibreOffice or upgrade to the latest version of LibreOffice.

2B. If #1 succeeds, reinstall v4.2.8.2 or upgrade to the latest version of LibreOffice.

Or, save yourself time and just upgrade to the latest version of LibreOffice.

Good luck!