Libre Office running on Mac Catalina 5k retina issues

Hi. I have just purchased a new mac and libre office now runs slow, scrolls badly and has a delay in most tasks. Can anyone help. I have seen a few reviews comments online which confirm this. Thanks

same issue here (LO7+Catalina). LO crashes when I scroll. [“Fatal Error - Object is nonfunctional”]. I keep following this thread. thanks

Yes, Impress presentation application in LibreOffice 7 is extremely slow and unfortunately useless. When inserting an animated 500x300 .gif, the frames of that gif takes about 5 seconds each.Without any animations, normal text boxes take a few seconds to react when clicking on them, and the lag is tremendous when trying to manipulate normal graphics like lines or circles.

Also, trying to activate “Allow use of OpenCL”, the checkbox is always un-checked after restart, like its not compatible with my hardware.(That might be the reason, as Metal seem to be the new OpenCL/GL?)

I run a late 2018 MacBook Pro with 16GB ram on Catalina OS. LibreOffice does not use the dedicated Nvidia graphics card, only the Iris Intel base graphics card.

Any way to mitigate this issue?