Libre Office 6.4 unable to open xlsx file.

Hi All. I have Libre Office 6.4 installed. We get an xlsx file as a report and when we open it with Excel and save it we are able to open it with Libre Office Calc. However, when we try to open it directly with Calc it says that the file is corrupted and then tries to run a repair and then fails. Any Ideas?

We get an xlsx file as a report

That sounds like it is an automatically generated .xlsx file from some software not being Excel. If so, I don’t see any chance without a copy of your file and the provider of the file willing to fix issues, which may be found (or to file a bug report, if LibreOffice .xlsx import is incompatible). I don’t see any other option (from the distance).

I’d say (based on multiple real cases), that sounds like a fake XLSX file from some third-party shitware. Very often, such files are so-called HTML output files. Unless you share a sample file, no other guess can be produced.

I have seen a few of those files which Excel will happily open, but other software fails. Usually they are flat xml files. This may correspond to the “html output” that gabix mentioned.

If you get something that looks like program code when you open the file in Notepad, it’s probably XML. If you get jumbled, seemingly random characters, it is something else…