Libre Office 7.3.2 cannot copy bank content + paste to writer as characters are lost and not correct

After I copy and paste whether it is right click or CC&CV the contents of the bank’s page cannot paste fully into Libre writer. I know that it’s possible because when I use word all of the contents are included.
I hope there is an adjustment I can make because I don’t want to lose Libre writer.
when I installed it I chose the second one because it said it was stable and not under development.
has anyone else had this problem and do you know how to correct it so that so that when you paste into ray rider all of what you copied is included.
Thank you

Could you please grant a little more redundance? :kissing_heart:

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And mention OS name and save format (you already mentioned LO 7.3.2 in title).

This is my first post so sorry if I made a mistake, what I’m trying to say is unlike word when I use libre office and try to paste into the writer all the contents of what I copied don’t go into the writer. It seems like the writer is too narrow. I hope this gets through and sorry if I made an error

This is indeed your first post and obviously you didn’t read the site rules.

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