Libre Office 7.4 Error during editing in Writer

Caused my Macbook to blank screen and become irresponsive. had to force power off.

“Either another instance of LibreOffice is accessing your personal settings or your personal settings are locked…”

OSX BigSur 11.7.1.

@happyhacker, a lot of work has gone into the 7.x branch recently.

Please tell us the exact and complete version you are using, thanks.

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Have you given LibreOffice full disk access from System Preferences > Security & Privacy?

Yes. Always had it.

There is a load of bumph on ‘About LibreOffice’ but it does not allow me to copy any of it. but it’s and OSX 11.7.1. The build No. is rather long. Do you want that?

If you have subsequently upgraded LibreOffice then you could try removing full disk access for LibreOffice, ok, then add LibreOffice back

That is probably sufficient information but in future you might like to know that pressing the button in the middle of the About LibreOffice dialogue box next to Version Information, will copy the information to the clipboard.

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