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I discovered Libre Office Base. My background in ms access helped me to jump in it, the structure and functionality are more or less the same (table, forms, q and reports and programming with VBA). But of course, there are differences.

  1. ms access got a performance problem ones you reached many records of do query intensive work. I think Libre Office tackled this. What is the database and is it unlimited?

  2. I know you can search for an explanation online in Libre Office help, is there not a good handbook on Libre Office Base, also VBA?

  3. Is Base work in progress? eg. In a table design, I like to include a row, but he jumps to the last record. I prefer an order myself, in access this was possible.

I am a huge fan of Libre Office. Great Work! 1. Quality Software 2. No Cost 3. You don’t have to rent it like Photoshop. You can get a personal copy of it.

Did you read LibreOffice Base - Wikipedia?

I have read it right now. It’s a good starting point.


You may want to check out this post → To learn LibreOffice Base are there introductions or tutorials?. It contains many links to various types of information especially for Base.

As for databases, the current default is HSQLDB embedded v1.8 and optionally, with Tools>Options then LibreOffice>Advanced and Enable experimental features turned on there, Firebird 3.0 embedded. This Firebird DB is expected to be the default soon. You can also use a variety of other databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and many more.

Yes Base is a work in progress. Unfortunately there is need of code contributors in this area.

This forum contains many examples and sample code to accomplish a variety of tasks. Please use the search function to assist in finding many of these.