Libre office base intermittently crashes after leave an invoice screen

I have been using linux mint for years and when i started a small business i went to open office base
I have one table
I have a data entry screen in forms and about 3 invoice types
I enter the data and save , minimize that page when i go to the invoice and go to last record print and then close the invoice

It this point it might be fine or it might just crash and then when i restart it enters recovery mode. and 100% of the time it will have lost any data.
I save the DB to my desktop and its holds 1800 records

I have tried to hit the save button on the invoice screen or the data entry screen , but still
It has always been abit flaky but now itts worse than every. It has been doing this still i started 5 years or so
I have tried all different linux distro. mint and ubunto … i am currently on mint 18 and its a fresh install. have tried it with apache office too and still the same. i have tried waiting 10secs or so before closing incase its still saving when i close …

I am not that clued up on software and running it, but so far OO has been good enough for the job. I’m looking to improve it with some querys and possibly some marcos. I would like to possible have a macro that i press and it goes to the last screen on the invoice prints it and then saves the record and then returns to data entry screen. I have looked at videos and stuff but still this process eludes me
I really want to continue using open office but i’m losing my rag with it.

if you put you answer please explain in idiot format

many thanks BBB

Simple answer : the embedded database engine (hsqldb) that has been the default with LibreOffice Base, whilst a good engine in and of itself (although the version used is quite old), in combination with the way that Base files are created, loaded into memory, and saved, becomes unstable over time as data is written to the file and the size of the database increases. This is particularly the case if the database is used to store graphics or other large binary data. Independently of this basic issue, which has been known for years, LibreOffice Base suffers from a number of bugs, some of which are old, and some of which have been introduced more recently as a result of development work on other parts of LibreOffice, and to a certain extent, on the introduction of the new embedded database engine Firebird (which will eventually become the default). There is no simple solution to your problem. In previous years, the suggestion would have been made to split off your hsqldb database and use an external hsqldb instance. See the forum “Split Database” posts for more information on how to do this. The move to Firebird as the default embedded database engine will force users to switch to this new engine over time, as it is unlikely that any bugs related to the current old hsqldb engine will get fixed, leading to a slow downward slide (known as bitrot) in the code that currently handles this engine. Unfortunately, embedded Firebird support is still not quite working as it should, which means that migration to the new embedded future default throws up all sorts of problems that basic users will find problematic trying to solve. Most experienced database administrators would probably adivse switching to a server backend (such as mariadb, mysql or postgresql) and only using LibreOffice Base as a front end for having a user interface for forms, queries and reports, thereby hopefully ensuring that data doesn’t get corrupted due to the bugs in LibreOffice itself (actually, and unfortunately, LibreOffice currently has some bugs which may still cause data to be corrupted, even in “safe” backend database server engines).

Ma y thanks. I’m flogging a dead horse then. I will look into mysql.