Libre office base - odbc

With Trying to connect to a providex database using odbc

The database wizard has some issues.
I Click ODBC, then after the first character entered in the name, the wizard loses focus on the textbox. BUG

After that there’s no dialog to enter or select the installed odbc driver on my windows pc.

Is there a way to enter a connection string?

Any help appreciated

Did you setup the connection using ODBC Data Source Administrator


( see also Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools)

I went with Open Office, had no issues. Probably worth taking a look at your DB wizard.
We install LibreOffice on every new pc for all our clients.

at your DB wizard

It’s not my wizard and not owned by anybody else. You don’t talk to some kind of officials of TDF or support personnel of a vendor here, but to other users of LibreOffice. In addition, in fact LibreOffice is also your software, cause it’s free and open source software.

Fair enough. And I appreciate your comments.

Hello to everyone who took the time to answer me. I am so grateful - the instructions for installing version 12 of jdk worked and I am now busy testing out the Database app. I was determined I wasn’t going to purchase Access - it is too expensive. thanks a million.