Libre Office Calc budget spreadsheet

I’ve been using a libre office calc budget spread sheet on my windows 10 machine and now have moved over to Apple and have an iMac with M1 chip .
I would like to use the same spread sheet but don’t know what to download on the Mac

Thanks Ray
Then transfer your spreadsheet to your new computer using a network, USB stick, SD card or whatever.

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To download LibreOffice just point your browser on the Mac to Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft and that should suggest the correct platform. You can currently choose between 7.3.3 and the slightly more conservative 7.2.6 versions. You can also download from the Mac App Store, see links on App Stores and Chromebooks | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft .

I downloaded Libre office to my Mac but the Libre office
calc budget spread sheet doesn’t seem to be there

You are the only person able to know where it is. My first guess would be the hard disk of your old computer. You have to distinguish between computer programs (applications, apps) and the data they produce. LibreOffice is a program that processes office documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings). Now you have the program installed on your new computer but the data are somewhere else (if anywhere).
Did we really arrive in the 21st century?

Thanks for trying to help me here,I’ve downloaded 7.3.3 to the Mac ,however when I open the program the Home Budget monthly spread sheet isn’t there showing the categories on my old windows version like Summary,Income,Expenses,Finance payments, fixed payments, fixed expenses and variable expenses,nor does is say on the right side Note: In order for the WORKS functions in this template to work properly, you must enter information in cells outlined in Red

I just noticed that when I open the program on the Mac and select Templates and CALC templates there are any there, possibly I need to download something else also

You might had installed an extension or additional templates from on your old computer that do what you described. Searching the extensions site for home budget yields Monthly Home Budget Workbook » Extensions . Maybe it’s that.