Libre Office crashes creating a macro button.

I can create a macro and a push button OK, but when I try to “assign” the button to a macro by right clicking on the button in design mode. Then go to control> events>mouse button pressed then when I select macro the ods file i"m working on crashes or shuts down. when I try to reopen it it asks me to restore the file. Cannot get the button to assign to a macro.

I can run the macro manually tho, so the actual macro works.



The problem may lie in the event you chose to attach the macro to. The actual contents of the macro may have something to do with this and if you continue to have a problem it would help if you provide the details of the macro itself.

Try attaching the macro to the Execute action event of the button.

I tried execute also but that didn’t work either. When i choose the macro button to get a list of macros to assign to, at that point in time is when it crashes. Also if I push any macro button in the menu(s), it crashes. I have two macros to choose from, but can’t get there to choose one.
How do I post the macro(s) info here. I’m new to this site. I also selected the weakest security for the macros. I’m running LO. in Linux mint 19.0 on an old gateway 32 bit machine.:full_moon_with_face:

Details are often critical. Now stating this is 32-bit leads to further investigation. Will see if I have a 32-bit system available to test with. There is no problem on Mint 18.3 using LO v6.1.4.2 (64-bit). Specific LO version would help also.

Posting code is simply editing your original question, noting the edit and paste using the preformatted text icon.

Have just checked and lack 32-bit system. It may be best for you (provided no one else answers) to report this as a bug here → Bugzilla. Be prepared with specifics on problem, OS, LO version and sample.

Thanks for the quick response. I am using L.O. on Linux Mint Mate 19.0

Sure I’ll wait to see if others answer then send a possible bug report.
Thank again.