Libre Office Crashes when using - + = signs

hi! i just upgraded my ubuntu 11.10 to 13.04, all are working fine. but there’s a problem when i try to use these signs in LibreOffice Calc, - + =, it always crashes the program, the problem occurs when you type those signs at first place.
EX: +1
Before i type the 1, it crashes the program, but it works fine when i type the 1 first before +,

I need to fix this because i have many calculations in my work.

The problem occurs even on a clean spreadsheet.

I tried on Other Versions but still the same.

Hope you can help me on my problem! thanks!

Maybe you have a 4.0 version, this issue was fixed in
Libreoffice crashes after upgrade while using formula bar ,
I think updating to a newer version you can solve the issue.