Libre Office doesn't recognize Java

Dear Friends,
in order to make Zotero work for Libre Office, I need Java. Now, I’ve Libre Office 5.2.1 installed on Mac El Capitan. Libre Office does not recognize the two Java versions I’ve installed, that is Java 6 and Java 8. I’ve also Open Office installed and Open Office does recognize Java. Now, if I try to manually direct Libre Office to the Java folder, not matter which folder I select (even if it is the same that Open Office recognizes), I get the error message “this folder does not contain an JRE”. Does I don’t get Libre Office to recognize Java. Similar problems I’ve encountered on my friends macbooks…

Hello. For the Mac, you need to install one of the later versions of the JDK from Oracle.

You may not have found it but it’s there many times - usually under JRE missing. Glad it worked!

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oh wonderful, that worked immediately… strange I didn’t find any posts on that before… thank you! :slight_smile: