Libre Office (English) Version: After applying: "Data Sort Function" for multiple colums in Libre Calc, how do I refresh my table after I have entered new data without doing a whole new data sort?

I have a table with multiple rows and collumns. I sorted with 4 criteria under several columns. After this, as I enter new data, the new data is not sorted, so I have to resort the entire table again. Is there a refresh function that will allow me to refresh the current sort function I have running so that I do not have to go back in to Data-Sort and select the entire table, and then choose the same Data-Sort criteria again? I could not find anything about this in the Libre Office Help information. I am using the English Language Version of Libre Office Calc:

I think it is possible creating a Data range in Menu/Data/Define range, select the range in Menu/Data/Select range and then define sort options, so they are preserved with data range.

Thank you Mariosv,
I think I also answered it myself. I tried hitting the icon: sort ascending (a down arrow with a few vertical dots next to it). That did the trick. It refreshed all of the new data and sorted it according to my preferred sort specifiactions. So apparently Libre Calc had this function in mind. I was wondering before I discovered this: “How on earth could this be missed? It is so essential.” So apparently it wasn’t missed, I missed it. Although I could not find it in their Help Information so perhaps it should be added or more easily specified.