Libre Office Impress - Notes not showing on presentation started on MS-Office Powerpoint

Im working on a presentation and last night when testing, i noticed my notes weren’t appearing on slides based on a powerpoint template.

I tried inserting a blank slide not based on the same master page, and the notes are working just fine.

I had to use this template because the school requires me to for this final presentations, but without my notes, the slides are close to useless

Anyone has seen this before?


Your description is not really clear to me. However it could be that there are some limitation on compatability between Impress and PowerPoint because MS does not follow fully the ODF standard.

What I would do is to create master slides in Impress to look the same as the one required by your school.

If you need to run your presentation on a PC with Windows and PowerPoint, just put a LibO portable version on a USB stick and run your Impress presentation from the USB Stick. Make sure you test it before. (This is always my back-up scenario for the case I cannot use my PC.)