Libre Office is taking up almost 100% CPU

I have two documents, one 65 pages and another 15 pages, I need both open at once, and they are using up a ton of CPU. I saw that there is no more Memory option. What can I do?

Libre version
OS: MacOS 10.13.6

First you could provide more information if you want to receive help. Version of LO, OS, amount of RAM and such things.

Thank you, I’ve edited it! Please let me know if you need more information

Are these simple text files or have you any images? If so, how many and what size and type?

No images, just text files!

You may find is relevant.
I assume you are saving the document as a .odt file and you do not have any unusual autosave settings. On my Linux system Tools> Options > Load/Save > General.

Uninstall LibreOffice.
Yesterday my Mac crashed. I had LO 6.0.something installed, so I upgraded to 6.3 (latest)
Today, same problem: 100% CPU, spinning disk with two open spreadsheets.
My Mac started to go sluggish again, and what do you know: LO was using 80 Gb of memory (I have a 64 Gb Mac but even that can be brought to a halt).
I need to work, so exit LO.

Why is this an accepted answer? It seems to be more of a comment. Has anyone figured out how to fix the CPU overload problem on version 6? The same problem occurs on LibreOffice 00m0(Build:3)

Since LIbreOffice knowledgeable folks haven’t replied, and did not express much interest in the post, this, I am afraid, is the accepted answer. Memory leaks and CPU issues seem like a pretty important issue to address.

I found this post after my document of only 10 pages has caused the same issue on a MAC Book Air X. Quitting Libre returned the CPU to normal. The only solution was to restart (for now)

I BYPASSED this problem before by downgrading to OL 5.x, lol.
Plz chk this post: How can I downgrade to the latest libreoffice 5.x safely in Fedora?