Libre Office just stops working

Been using this since open office with no problems. Since Libre appeared had constant problems. Well just the one.It stops working and I need to delete and re-download it. I have followed all the techy stuff on here but I can only ever fix it by downloading it again and the problem persists. I cannot be the only one affected by this. This is my third computer this has happened on. 1st Windows 8, 2nd Widows 10; now this new laptop with Windows 11. Exact same problem, out of nowhere it just stops working, usually at a very inconvenient moment. It’s a pity because in general this is a good piece of software, however, I cannot stop working every few weeks to re-download it. It has been going on for some years now. Is there a permanent fix for this problem or do need to go back and feed more dosh to Bill Gates?

The last person who posted something like that had Sophos anti virus installed but I don’t know if a setting in that was the issue as they stopped interacting here.

Doesn’t start? GIves an error message and stops? Crashes?

Like General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki ?

What steps did you take that didn’t fix the issue? Did you reset your user profile (it is persistent between installations)?