Libre Office Outline Numbering from Word not working

Hi all,

I am currently facing following problem. A Document which is created in Word and saved as docx has a numbering Style like this:
0.1 …
0.2 …

But when I open the Document in Libre Office the Numbering starts at 1:

First Question: Is there a Setting influencing this and can it be set to be the default for the import of the Document?

I cannot change the way the numbering is provided by Word, as I cannot influence the document, when it is created. The other thing is, that Libre office is running headless in an Application and the fix must be made by a config file?

I can change the document to reflect the style in Libre Office with the gui of course, by formating the paragraph:

Paragraph → Outline and Numbering → Numbering Style → WWNum2 → Edit Style

Then I can set the start of the Numbering to 0.

But I need to change this to be the default when opening such a document. Is there a way to get this thing fixed?

This sounds like a bug, and needs to be reported accordingly (with a sample document attached). No setting for that.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or how to go about this in headless environment as in terms of config file, but I’m posting this answer as you mentioned going from ParagraphOutline and NumberingNumbering style… as it should be

Tools → Outline numbering… → (under Level) choose 1 → (under Numbering part of dialog set numbering style and set) Starts with do 0.

Set lower heading levels the same way but format them as needed (level to should start from 1 etc). Don’t know if this is accessible from config file.