Libre Office still won't install

I successfully downloaded the Windows installer file, disabled Avast anti-virus and the Windows firewall but LibreOffice will still not install either from the File Explorer interface or from the command prompt as administrator.

C:\Users\Nigel Gale\Downloads>LibreOffice_5.4.7_Win_x64.msi

Please help !!!

In case you are using Windows 10, I recall that there are additional steps you must follow. (I don’t know what they are.)

Also, please don’t start a new question when this is really the continuation of an earlier one.

still not install is undefined. You must provide the specific step that makes you think still not install.

It is probable (though not certain) that the program is properly installed, but the icons did not appear where you expected to find them. You might have to use the Start Menu to create desktop icons.