Libre Office Uninstalled - Replaced by MS Office Ad

I sat down last weekend and discovered that Libre Office had been uninstalled. ait was replaced by an MS Office ad.

Is this something new in the latest Windows 10 updates to encourage me to buy MS Office?

Is a question “What have developers of a Windows update had put inside of that update” a proper question to ask other LibreOffice users?

Might it be that LibreOffice wasn’t actually uninstalled? There might only have been changed the related file associations. MS loves this kind of joke.
Did you check your Win10 software manager for LibreOffice?

Yes. I know it’s hard to find anything under Win10. MS are fond of obfuscating everybody and of obscuring everything. They will continue to enforce this strategy as long as they aren’t stopped by law backed with high (>1E10 $) penalties. Up to now none of the international software gangs learned from the few-hundred-million-dollars-fees applied by the EU-commission (e.g.), as far as I can see. That seems to be peanuts for them. MS even continue to make their webbrowser the default now and then when updating. This, of course, without asking the user.

I suspect that Lupp is right, that the update has changed your file associations. Most Windows computers come with an offer to try MS Office for 30 days and with the change in association the trial becomes the default.

I assume LO is still in your Start Menu. I don’t know of an easy way to return every association back to what it was but normally you only need to change the few that you use.

For mass association of file type click on Windows Start menu, click the Settings icon, in the Window that opens, select Apps, Click on Default Apps. Scroll down until you can click on “Choose default applications by file type”. In that window scroll down to .doc, click on the Microsoft Word icon, a new window will open, choose LibreOffice Writer from the list. Repeat for .docx, xls, xlsx and anything else you use.

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If you normally open files from Windows Explorer right-click on, say, a .doc file, in the context menu select Open With > Choose another app, in the dialog window, scroll down until you can click on LibreOffice Writer, Tick the box that says “Always use this app to open .odt files” and OK. This is the easiest way if you are trying to make a default association of a type that you missed while you are in the middle of working.

You might also want to check your OS language, keyboard, & Time Zone; they all changed for me fairly recently from an update.

“Choose default applications by file type”

Better and easier IMO to use Set defaults by app at this point, and change them for LibreOffice, having all relevant types listed in one place, without unrelated stuff…