Libre office was unable to find a working email configuration - Why?

I’m using Libre Office and use Mail version 7.3 on a MacBook running OSX 10.9.4. When I try to send a document as an email I get the error message, “libre office was unable to find a working email configuration.” This did not happen with previous versions of Libre Office. I’ve gone to Preferences >Internet>Email and attempted to Mail as the email program, but this does not work. What should I list as my email program and HOW should I list it?

Please report a bug about this regression in behaviour. Related (email application) bugs:

  • fdo#43368, Windows Live Mail unrecognised.
  • fdo#59715, MacOS X IBM Mail unrecognised (space in name).
  • fdo#62338, Windows Outlook hangs.

This function does not seem to work on OSX, and has not for me for quite some time.