Libre Office will not open Safe Mode or Normal Mode

My Base file was working yesterday, but today, it will not open at all. When my computer booted up, I received the message that there is another instance of LO running. Now, it will not open in Safe Mode or normal mode, it doesn’t show up in the task menu, it just doesn’t start. None of the Office Products open. I’ve found and tried opening from the file explorer and same. I’ve reinstalled embedded HSQLDB and same happens: nothing. It just will not open. When trying Safe Mode in the Command Line in Win R, the DOS shell says the Program cannot be opened and The Manager cannot be found. Any suggestions to getting this to open would be helpful and appreciated. I’m running on Windows 10.

This is the reason: I would open the taskmanager and kill any processes which look like “soffice”. The whole LO won’t start, not only Base.
I have never reinstalled LibreOffice, but I’m using Linux. I often reset the user profile of LibreOffice (renamed /libreoffice/4/ to /libreoffice/4old/) to solve problems with LO.

Renaming the /4/ file to /4old allowed me to open my database! Thank You! I have to fix some python scripting errors now, I hope is not too hard.

If this came, because some of your scripts are not found anymore, you can maybe rescue the scripts from the old profile ( so renaming the folder is better than removing.)

Yes, that is exactly what I did. Good Advice!


I am not entitled to show you the way, however, since I’ve been a Windows user in the past, I do remember I could refer to a previous system restore point via the Control Panel.


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I had no Restore Points to go to, I had Reset my comp a couple of months ago. I was thinking that I was going to have to do that again. But, renaming the file as stated in the other reply helped me open my database. Thank you again.

I beg your pardon, but if you declared a reset 8 weeks ago, this means that the system has it in memory and, by performing a restore point, you may recover either the programme and the files…