Libre Office writer 6.2 does not show the add to dictionary option on right clicking as the word suggestions flooded that space

I have been writing a report which contains a lot of computer technical terms like DHCP, SNMP etc. The thing I have added a lot of words and now when I want to add another word, right clicking it and add to dictionary is being a headache as the suggested words flood the whole screen and the add to dictionary option is not even visible.

Go to Tools → Options → Language Settings → Writing aids. From “user dictionaries” select “Standard (all)” and click on Edit. Now you can add as many terms as you need.

But that’s a tedious job to do. Imagine going there every time you need to add a word, when the document itself is of 100 pages. That’s not a feasible solution.

You can add a comment with your user case on this old feature request: Bug 92824 - Limit the number of context menu spellcheck/autocorrect suggestions