Libre Office writer feature Track Changes is not working anymore.

I proofread documents and have always used Track Changes, but it is not working anymore. It tracks nothing. Last night I installed some upgrades of ubuntu software (honestly, I didn’t really check what exactly) through Software Updater. Maybe there is a connection. Either way, without Track Changes I cannot continue my work, so hopefully I can receive help here.

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
Libre Office writer version: 1:6.4.6-0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Does it work when running LibreOffice in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode)? If yes, reset your user profile.

It does not track changes in Safe Mode either.


Ok, according to your test this is not related to a corrupt user profile and hence it might be another incarnation of problems related to Ubuntu 20.04 based GNU/Linux distributions and LibreOffice installed from base Ubuntu repository.


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… and probably more to find.

Hope that finally helps.

I went through the removal and reinstallation process, but it still behaves the same; track changes does not work… Very weird, as it used to work fine.