Libre: text writer

Firstly - I am using windows 10.

  1. LibreOffice is on the screen as an icon - and it will not open [without] great difficulty.
  2. Eventually, I manage to get a Writer text document open down on the taskbar. It will not stay on the taskbar.
  3. Then the Writer document will open with a small box pending previous work, where if it cannot find [the previous work], will place a red X. Eventually, clicking the box done makes this box disappear, leaving a blank ready-to-use document.
  4. Now a sickening problem: With Writer, while I am using opened documents all day, it will open up new blank pages.
  5. When I close Writer, then I cannot open it up again.
  6. For me to again use Writer, the only [way is] to restart my computer.
  7. As in 1, it will start again but when Writer does open up, then I can restart using a new Writer document. There is no other way to get the on-screen icon to open up its menu then click on Writer so I can restart my new documents.

true respect from Teyvanai

The original question was almost completely incoherent as well as poorly formatted. I have made many changes and added words in brackets [].

@Teyvanai: It seems you are asking about six problems: 1. will not open without great difficulty, 2. will not stay on taskbar, 3. red X to find previous work, 4. continually opens new blank documents, 5. cannot reopen Writer without system restart, 6. cannot open using menu. If so, then split up into multiple questions, each asking clearly and about one issue only. See guidelines for asking.