Libre will not open!! Help--all my files are "in there"!!

There was a whole series of “safe Mode” issues-- but I can’t access!

Take a deep breath…now, explain exactly what happened when you tried to open LibreOffice, otherwise no one will be able to help you.

… and please add some information about your operating system and LibreOffice version

… and when you have a moment to reflect on your problem, please realize that all of your files are not “in there”. They are stored on your computer, probably in the same place that most of your documents are stored, and they are always findable, reachable, and touchable by using your Operating System’s file manager. In short, you don’t need LibreOffice to find your LibreOffice files.

I ran into a problem with LibreOffice today on Win10. It would hang with a blank window. Windows said “not responding” if I tried to do anything. Had to kill the window. I installed and uninstalled multiple times. Tried both v6.3.6 (64 bit) and v6.4.3 (64bit). I tried deleting printers (unattached and network - found this as a possible solution, just not for me). I then found a posting that installed the 32 bit version and resolved the issue for them. I tried this and very interestingly, I got a prompt that WebEx had a lock on a necessary file. I was given the choice to close/reopen or reboot. I chose “close/reopen”. Now Libre works. I’ve disabled the WebEx service (it’s not installed anymore, but the service is still in the system). Don’t know if the Libre 32 bit version was the answer, or if the interaction with WebEx was the cause of the hang. I’m just glad Libre is running again.