Libre won't open on new install after windows refresh

Just reloaded windows 10. Uninstalled libre as it was in windows.old. Reinstalled 7.16. It seemed to install ok but i can only open in safe mode. In regular mode I get spinning wheel for 10 seconds or so and then nothing. It never seems to try and open. I shut down opengl and cancelled old user credentials while in safe mode based on other posts but that didn’t seem to help. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Please have a look at:

General Installation Issues (Windows)

Hi. and Thanks. I got the old version (6.2.4) to run but when i saw your post, I thought the issue must be my brother control center. So i turned that off and reloaded 7.1.6. got a bit farther than before. It didn’t work, but now i get this error…

Warning 25000. Installing a pre-requisite KB2999226 failed. You might need to manually install it from Microsoft site to be able to run the product. Execution of wusa.exe failed (HRRESULT =0x00000001)!

Any insight on that?

oh. nevermind. i see that in the notes farther down. Duh. I will check if my windows update is on (though I thought it was.

Well, I couldn’t make it work. Windows 10 updater is on and I have latest version. I have wusa.exe file. Not sure what further to do.

There is some sort of big with Skia tdf#144434 in certain computers that appears in I suggest installing See LibreOfifce 7.1.6 completely Unable to launch (Crash!). Cheers, Al

Not sure if it helps, but did you try to reset your user profile? There is an option in the save mode screen to do this.

yes. tried that. didn’t help. ty

Ok sorry that I could not help. Something I noticed when for me LO did not want to open, often there is still some old process around, visible in the taskmanager.
But that probably does not help much either…

ya, my guess is something old is around. i had hoped the unistall would catch everything but maybe not.