librebase - currency field forces prices to zeros

librebase - currency field forces prices to zeros - Is there are way that will keep the “exact currency price.”

For example if I put in $51.22, when I tab out to the next field it auto-changes it to $51.00


Not familiar with Base - but I’d suspect that your database’s field used to store the currency is some kind of integer field. Would possible need your table definition to answer.

Please check the field definition of price. Base has default “0” of decimal digits - so if you did not specify a “2” during table definition, this may cause your observation.

Thank you! (solved) - For me I was “only” at the (table definition creation process level) was able to change the decimals where they would “stay with the field” when changing it to a currency field latter on in the field formatting. I had to at the table definition level make a two-decimal “numeric” field (currency field is not an option at that point) when creating the table. Then after I create the table, I can choose “currency” in the field formatting options by converting the table creation defined numeric field (that already has a 2 decimal definition) into a currency field that will retain the two decimals for the currency.

Thank you for the comments, it was a great help!

What did you define in your table? E.g.:

What is the currency field? Where is not displayed correctly, Table, query, form or report?

If you’ve defined it correctly in your table, you can define that also in query, form or report.

I had to create the decimals “first” in the field creation process by defining a new table. I couldnt get this to work if the field was already created without the two decimals.

This solved my problem :slight_smile: thank you very much!