[LibreCalc] Is there a way for the Selection List to read multiple values in a single cell?

I’ve searched through the docs and various forums/reddit and haven’t found a good solution to my problem. Lets say I have a table of books (Genre, Title). I’d like to have multiple genres for each book in such a way that the Selection List allows selection of one genre at a time (Education, Historical, Children, …) although each book has multiple genres (Crime|Horror|Historical). Is there a way to allow the Selection List to read multiple values in a single cell, possibly delimited by a pipe or comma, or is there a different way I could build my table to be able to achieve this?

I did not understand what you mean by the term “Selection List” and by “read values into a cell”.

Your issue may, however, be related to somthing achievable by the (rather) new function TEXTJOIN() which was first implemented in V5.2.0 and since debugged. It should now be usable,

Unfortunately there are not yet help texts for this function and some other new ones. (See bug tdf#99517).

The formula wizard may help you. My amendment: Use arrays in place of third (and probably additional) parameters. Without this feature the function is next to useless.