LibreCalc freezes/crashes after around 30 minutes of use post-reinstall

Recently my hard drive was corrupted and I had to reinstall Windows. However, since reinstalling LO, whenever I try to use LibreCalc, the program always freezes after around half an hour to an hour of use with no way to fix it except force-quitting it with task manager or shutting down my computer. The freezes happen every time I use the program, no matter what I’m doing. I am using LibreOffice on a laptop running Windows 11

Hmm, not a lot of information.
I assume that you have explicitly updated all the drivers for your computer, especially the graphics driver. And you have restarted since installing the last updates. Note that Windows can silently install updates without much to say that you need to restart apart from weird behaviour and a small icon.
Do you have many demanding calculations in Calc, in that case it could be OpenCl causing problems.
More common is a graphics issue; does it crash when scrolling? In that case click Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and try ticking the box Force Skia software rendering

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Yeah, forcing skia software rendering works, tysm

FYI: disable Skia/Vulcan for all GPU vendors

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I prefer the option of Force Skia software rendering as it seems to work for most people and it does speed up things in some Calc operations.