LibreDraw Cartesian System

In LibreDraw the y-axis is negative above the x-axis and positive below it. Is there any way to change this?

For better understanding: Where did you find the mentioned axes in Draw?
Or do you speak of the measurements concerning the position of shapes (‘Position X:’ and ‘Position Y:’) where ‘X’ and 'Y are used as a kind of abbreviation for ‘horizontally’ and ‘vertically’ respectively?
An x-axis and a y-axis constituting a Cartesian system I only know for ‘X-Y (Scatter)’ charts wrongly written with upper case letters. Here the y-axis is pointing upwards.

The rulers indicate the position of any point. Points below the 0 position on the vertical ruler are positive and points above it are negative.

Thanks for making this clear. I did not think of the rulers.

No, there is no way to change the orientation. If I create exercises or examples for school lessons, then I draw my own coordinate system and put it on different layers and then lock these layers. Of cause I have only drawn it once and now I use a template.


You can not change the orientation but you can change the origin (0 point) of the rulers: drag the intersection of the two rulers in the top left corner into the workspace. Vertical and horizontal guides appear. Continue to drag until the vertical and horizontal guides are where you want the new origin to be, and then release.

To reset the origins of the rulers to the default values, double-click the intersection.

This short video shows examples of use to easily position objects relative to this modified origin (in french but understandable without comment)

HTH - Regards

I was really happy when I discovered that I could change the origin of the rulers. A little disappointed that the vertical ruler is opposite of the way it works in cartesian geometry, but it’s not hard to adapt.