LibreDraw PDF export with thumbnails

I am using LibreOffice Version: and when I export to pdf from writer, my pdf has nice thumbnails, however when I export to pdf from Draw, there are no thumbnails and it just says, “Slide 1” “Slide 2” etc. Is there a way to export to pdf from Draw and get thumbnails? I am going to try on my home computer Libre6 tonight, but now I am on my work computer and have not made the time to upgrade yet.

Yes, try LibreOffice 6.

Which PDF reader are you using on which operating system? (I cannot confirm your observation; if using Adobe Reader on Windows are you sure you activated thumbnails instead of bookmarks ?)
PS: I don’t think that a thumbnail is an embeeded entity but created by the application opening a file. If that’s true updating LibreOffice won’t help much (I’ve also tested a PDF from Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 Draw, which is a fairly old release, and this shows thumbnails in Adobe Reader)

The problem was the PDF reader, “Document Viewer”. I opened in Adobe and Thumbnails worked fine and checked Document Viewer and there was a setting to go to thumbnails, and that works too. I find it odd that Draw to PDF it opens them with slide names as default, and Writer to PDF opens them with thumbnails as default. It looks to me that draw puts in slide names by default and writer doesn’t, so that may be what was happening.

It looks to me that draw puts in slide names by default and writer doesn’t

That’s reasonable, since in Writer, there’s no “slides” with own names - so there’s nothing to put. But you might look at FileExport AsExport as PDFInitial View tab; you might check Thumbnails and page, and that’s a setting common to all LibreOffice modules.