LibreDraw Using lines to base measurements on in rectangle-Linux Mint 20.3

Just new to Draw using LinuxMint 20.3 on laptop.

Can someone direct me to video etc for working with lines to help construct an object. Vertical and horizontal lines for level and position of buttons to be placed.

Have a rectangle. I can get the lines in ok, vertical and horizontal, I would like to be able to remove the lines momentarily to view buttons etc that have been placed.
How do I hide the lines and bring them back again.

Can a photo be loaded and then draw over the top positions of buttons etc and then hide photo and bring back if required, similar to above.

To place several buttons in a horizontal row what is the tool to get them spaced evenly between two points.

Charles Harris

For the photo, create a new layer, give it a relevant name, and insert the photo into that layer.

When you are happy with the placement of the photo, right click on the layer label and select Modify, tick the option Locked, possibly untick Printable but leave it Visible while you work.

Now you work in another layer and you cannot touch the photo. If you no longer want to see the photo you can untick Visible or delete the layer.

The above is one possibility for the first question. you could also:

  • Drag guide lines from the vertical and the horizontal ruler, but remember, you can’t lock them in place nor hide them
  • You can align items by eye if you turn on View > Grid and Helplines and then Display Grid and maybe also Helplines while moving
  • You can have items snap to the underlying grid, View > Snap Guides has options

To create several of the same buttons in a row then Shape > Duplicate is the tool to use.

To evenly distribute existing shapes then select your objects and click Shape > Distribute Selection and choose the suitable option

Hopefully the above will get you started. Do download the Draw Guide, it is more structured than Help. Cheers, Al


Thanks for great info. Helped me to get all my questions sorted. Now I am on the way.

Although see a new question coming up.

First thing first, read the Draw Guide and practice a bit.

There are many questions in your post. So tidy a bit your mind, come back a little later and edit you question to sort things out.

Working with a photo: a picture can effectively be “loaded” but working over it is not that easy because you must be very careful with your clicks as you might inadvertently select the picture and start moving it instead of adding objects. The best workaround I found was to send the image into the page background so that it is no longer an “active” object.


Thanks. Have downloaded the pdf etc.
Solved all my questions re lines and row spacings etc.