LibreImpress: Smooth, continuous scrolling in Slide Pane

In the slide panel of Impress, is it possible to have smooth, continuous scrolling? Right now it seems to be scrolling one slide thumbnail at a time, which is harder to follow. I am attaching two video recordings, one of Impress, and one of PowerPoint, to illustrate my point.

Here’s the discrete scrolling in Impress: impress.gif
And here’s the smooth, continuous scrolling in Powerpoint: powerpoint.gif


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Why you want to see a half of slide on the Slide Pane?

Scrolling the slide pane in Impress is disorienting because the slides move so quickly. A continuous scroll would be easier to control. Its the same reason why people often switch their PDF readers to continuous scroll instead of single-page-scroll.

I totally agree a smooth scroll would be waay better. The current solution is just too fast and I always overshoot with the scroll