LibreO Base Form Event Listener

I want to create an event listener for a LibreO Base form in LibreO Basic, I THINK I have the bones of how to do it but don’t know the specifics.

It seems to require 2 lines of code along the lines of:

objFormListener = CreateUnoListener(“FormListener_”,“”) ThisComponent.com_sun_star_somecomponent_XEventBroadcaster_addEventListener(objFormListener)

And then an event handler such as:

Sub Sub FormListener_notifyEvent(objEvent As Object) MsgBox objEvent.EventName & " fired" End Sub 'FormListener_notifyEvent

I have been unable to find what “somecomponent” should be! (I have tried “form” and “forms”) to no avail.

Can anyone help?

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And to

From the post on, it looks like you want to investigate all available event handlers. Perhaps getScriptEvents would help, as described at How to programmatically get/set a form control's events.