LibreOffice 3.5.2 installation aborts

Never had LibreOffice before but am trying to install 3.5.2 this evening on a 64 bit Windows 7 system.
After going through the installation wizard setup and just before it starts to install LibreOffice a popup window appears which says “Please exit LibreOffice 3.5 and the LibreOffice 3.5 Quickstarter before you continue. If you are using a multi-user system, also make sure that no other user has LibreOffice 3.5 open.”

I do not have LibreOffice of any version on my system but this message implies that it detects it??

I click OK button and the installation wizard aborts without installing LibreOffice???

I canot figure out what the conflict is.
Can anyone help?


Solved! I had an old version of OpenOffice on my system with it’s Quickstarter enabled in the startup menu. Disabled it and LibreOffice installed without a hitch.