LibreOffice 3.5 Writer crashes when making PDF

Hi, I have been using LibreOffice since the start, almost exclusively Writer. I usually produce PDF versions of the texts I write after I finish them.

I installed LibreOffice 3.5 on a Windows 7 computer soon after it became available, and since then the program crashes every time I press the button to create a PDF.

The texts I produce are relatively short (average 20 pages) and simple (few if any graphics, tables, etc.).

In the meantime I have gone back to LibreOffice 3.4.5, which did and still does work fine with no glitches or crashes.

Didi you “only” try to start the PDF export using the toolbar button, or did you try also to use Menu “File” → “Export as PDF”? Did you try to use different settings using that menu entry? Which PDF export otions do you use?

Do you try resetting the user profile?:

The setting for me that crashes LO Writer PDF export on SOME machines and not other is General : “Create PDF Archive”. Try turning that one off. Of that one does not work, try turning off embed ODT file inside option.

Please report such issues at the bugtracker as described in the Wiki: is intended to be a platform for general questions about LibreOffice (see also Welcome to AskLibO), while crashes, erroneous application behaviour etc. should be always reported at the bugtracker. Otherwise it is very unlikely that the developers become aware of such issues, as they use the bugtracker as a central tool/place to keep track of such issues.

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especially if you have bugs that can reproduced with specific documents only, the way to have it fixed is to file a bugreport

I had the same problem even in the 3.5.5.
Annoyance was great, as this is the newest version and the problem has been present through the last few versions.

So… It did not crash when bouncing new files to PDF, only files which I would update, as e.g. my curriculum vitae.

So I went to the business all systematic, and after having been through removal of pictures, reviewing the tables, etc. I discovered that some of the bullets were not bullets, but marked with “>” in stead.
“Un-bulleting” them and inserting “real” bullets allowed me to bounce to PDF, NQA.

This indicates that the problem is probably with some of the characters don’t convert so well to PDF. So check out the characters, and you may find the cause of the problem…

If LO crashes on new documents, I have no clue, but the solution above helped me…

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works fine for me

  • keeps bookmarks
  • handles graphics
  • etc

THe same thing happens to me

I have Linux - Fedora 14. Why LibreOffice Writer 3.5 do not open some documents with text and tables marked with “. Doc”?

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