LibreOffice 3.6.0 vs 3.5.5

Not only did 3.6.0 take LONGER to install, but after 1 reboot (right after install) it brought up the starting screen, then just dies. NO messages, nothing. Not even anything under Event Mgr in WinXP.
Now after a SECOND system reboot, THEN and ONLY THEN did it actually run correctly.
I was quite prepared to completely remove it as I had 3.5.5 prior to installing 3.6.0.
But it saved itself by actually working. I was as I stated quite prepared to remove it and install 3.5.6 instead.
I believe they MUST research WHY it takes LONGER to do everything (install, and that very first run attempt) I mean after install 3.5.5 (from a new install) took like 1/2 the total time. But, I also can guess that when all these new items got put in, there were bound to be plenty of glitches. Best one is the fact I had to reboot TWICE JUST to get it to run. NEVER EVER had to that with ANY prior release of LibreOffice. Been using since, I believe the split happened a while back, when there became 2 (libreOffice, and OpenOffice). I stuck with Libre simply because of who was involved.

Just my 2 cents worth on 3.6.0 issues. MAYBE, after the maintenance release 3.6.1? it will get handled.

Bug 43989 - After installation first launch terminates after splash screen will be fixed in LibreOffice 3.6.1 – see → Comment 46.

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