LibreOffice 4.0 + OpenSUSE + ODF files on Mounted Drive = Error

Running OpenSUSE 12.2 I have a problem with LibreOffice 4.0.x from the “Unstable” repo: it will open files file locally, but not any ODF files on a mounted drive, DOC files will open however–any suggestions? I can open any file on my Desktop.

I get an error that it is unable to open any of these files. When I switched back to 3.6.4 the problem is gone.

Hi @opencamp,

It’s hard to guess if what you’re experiencing is a general error, or just some peculiarity of your particular setup. Even if we’re not sure if it’s a bug, please file one and see if anyone else can reproduce your results.

A number of the key developers work for SuSE, and I believe that a number of the volunteers use SuSE as well, so you might find someone who has an example of this working or not working for them.


Filed this bug.

Resolving Q as BUG FILED