LibreOffice install Windows 7 "a folder could not be created"

After install I am unable to start LibreOffice. A dialog box as follows is displayed:

The application cannot be started.
][context="user"] caught unexpected
com.sun.start.ucb.Interactive.AugmentedIOException: a folder could not be created

I have tried using a custom install to the “ProgramData” directory that I created off the root directory but the same exception results on trying to start LibreOffice.

Using the “Run as Administrator” option when right-clicking the Libre-Office shortcut does not solve the problem.

What folder is he installer trying to access in a Windows 7 install that causes this exception? How can I resolve this issue?

I had a similar problem lately on a OS X maschine. Try to reset your useprofile folder (wiki Link to the paths) by renaming the folder and LibreOffice is automatically recreating a new folder when starting up.

Did you upgraded from any version 3?