Libreoffice 4.1 misses shortcuts to libreoffice math and to libreoffice

I just installed libreoffice from the tarball on the official site.
latest version and I went a little crazy over the fact that I have shortcut for write, calc, base, impress, draw and base, but for math and not for the module that allow you to open any other modules.

I wonder why and how can I get those two shortcuts again.

I like a libreoffice on my desk, so I can use it without wasting any time.

I use linux mint 15
well this can not be a very big issu,
I also noted no cd-integration, but I don’t care since I see shortcut, hoverer, I would like shortcuts to all modules and to the central modules. you know when you open it.

you see this

I am not sure why you only received 5 of the 7 usual shortcuts, but you can generally add them manually without too much trouble. The command for the start centre is likely libreoffice4.1 and for the Math component libreoffice4.1 --math. There may be a percentage parameter suffix to cater for passing a document name in your distibution, but you should be able to work out the format of this easily by editing the entries you do have.

I just found out the answer, the shorts aren’t enable by default

We need to left click on the menu, click on modify and enable them.

I am super visual.

Could it be that you look for “Math”, whereas it is called “Formular”?
In the Windows version up to 4.0.4 it is called “Formular”.

Please, I just said I USE LINUX.
sorry, but no, Iam not looking for formular and i don’t see, I see only 5 shortcuts while I should se 7.