Libreoffice 4.2.2 and 4.1.5 adversely affect Firefox

I’ve been trying to submit this to Bug Submission Assistant and, yes, I’m signed in, but BSA is repeatedly reporting, quote: “It looks like you didn’t come from the right page (you have no valid token for the” (whatever the rest of the truncated message says).

The BSA page was opened in a separate tab each time (about 5 times) by using the option from the Get Help menu at the top of the page.

The text of the error message stops there, cut short, as cited, above. So, I don’t know what the rest of it says. And there’s also no indication of what page I should be coming from. The Get Help menu should be fine regardless of which page a person is in or at; especially if the page has the Get Help menu at the top.

So, a copy of what the report would consist of will be posted here, instead.

Problem description:

Installation of Libreoffice 4.2.2 and 4.1.5 adversely affected Firefox, a little. Ctrl+Shift+B no longer worked for opening the bookmarks manager in Firefox; leaving only one way to do this, by using the Firefox Bookmarks menu.

The phrasing used below, for the “Steps to reproduce” the problem, represents the procedure I exercised. It isn’t worded for presentation for QA testers to do their work, f.e. Also, I’m using Windows XP Pro SP3 and it’s up to date, for XP.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Uninstalled Libreoffice (LO) 3.6.5

  2. Installed LO 4.2.2 without the Calc and Maths components or applications.

  3. Double-clicked on an existant .odt file to see that LO will start up and load the file, and this worked fine.

  4. Went back to Firefox by clicking on it to bring it to the foreground and pressed Ctrl+Shift+B to open the bookmarks manager. This no longer worked.

  5. Uninstalled LO 4.2.2 to install 4.1.5, but the same problem happened again.

  6. Uninstalled 4.1.5 to re-install 3.6.5 and Ctrl+Shift+B is working correctly again in Firefox.

Current behavior:

Working correctly again after re-installing LO 3.6.5.

Expected behavior:

For installation of LO to not adversely interfere with or affect other applications.

I cannot confirm above behavior Firefox 27.0.1; LibO (all components installed; default UI and language English + Japanese and German); XP/SP3
Especially the ctrl+shift+B function works fine in Writer and in Firefox.

I only observed one problem with Firefox but cannot related this to LibO. After installation of the latest version of Firefox 28.?.? (automatically proposed upgrade) Firefox suddenly did not start up anymore. Re-installation of 27.0.1 and using the older Firefox profil and all is running fine. Firefox and LibO.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using Firefox 29.0.1 at the moment and always keep Ffx up to date, but since you say that you didn’t have problems or conflicts when using Ffx 27.0.1, though did with Ffx 28.x.y, then maybe the problem is corrected again for Ffx 29.

These problems shouldn’t happen though, for LibreOffice and Firefox are wholly separate applications. Nothing about installation of LO should interfere or conflict with totally separate applications, regardless of what they are. That’s not about whether, or not, LO should be the application associated with .doc, .docx, .ppt, etc, files, for I don’t use MS Office and always use LO for these files. But, there should be no conflicts with Web browsers and possibly other types of apps.

This conflict happening with a number of LO releases since and possibly including 4.0 is why I still use the old version, build 5b93205. It causes no conflicts with Ffx that I’ve been able to notice.

LO 3.6 is adequate for my needs, so while it’s a “bummer” to not be using current LO, this isn’t really a problem.

Until it’s official that LO installations no longer cause conflicts with Ffx, then I’ll continue with LO 3.6.

As previously stated, an effort was made to submit this problem report to Bug Submission Assistant for LO, but this didn’t work and my comment was posted two months ago, with your reply being the very first. So, there’s evidently no fast action happening here and BSA didn’t work for me.


Ctrl+shift+B does nothing in LO 3.6 for me, so I’m not sure if you only mean that key set or combination for Ffx, alone, and in which case the bookmarks manager is opened. You speak of using this key set or combination with both LO and Ffx, but it does nothing in LO 3.6; not for me anyway. I have LO Writer open and tried this key combination. Nothing happens.

Lastly, and after submitting the above for response, it’s presented before your response, rather than following it. The latter would be better.