LibreOffice Windows Portable: Wrong traditional Chinese characters shown when opening PDF file

I have installed the LibreOffice Windows Portable version on my PC, hoping to use its PDF editing functions. The OS used is 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium (Traditional Chinese version). I open a PDF file in LibreOffice Draw, but find that most (not all) the traditional Chinese characters displayed are wrong. The strange part is that the wrong Chinese characters are usually displayed as repetitions of the previous Chinese characters. e.g. “ABCD” becomes “AAAA” (A, B, C, D represents traditional Chinese characters here).

Another symptom, although may be unrelated, is that the English characters in the same PDF file are displayed as another fontface (Times instead of Times New Roman). I am sure my PC has the Times New Roman fontface.

Anybody has the same experience? Is there any setting I have missed? Thanks!

Which character encoding is set for the OS and doe the settings for LibreOffice match that? Also, was the PDF created with the same character encoding set? If the answers to any of this are “no” then chances are it’ll be a conflict between character encodings from different sources. As for the fonts, Times New Roman is the cheap knock-off of Times anyway and it might simply be embedded in the PDF.