LibreOffice install error "Files in Use"

I have tried to install LibreOffice Win x 86 (English Version) several times now. When installing it tells me:

"Files in Use. Some files that need to be updated are currently in use. The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these applications and click Retry to continue.

Libre Office Process ID 6884 and
Libre Office Writer ID 6760"

I can’t find these applications on my whole C drive. Please instruct me what to do.

Which Windows version are you using?

What is the extension of the downloaded file?

From where did you download LibO?

I manged to solve the issue by downloading LibreOffice again (forth time or so) and upon installing it finally came up with the option to REPAIR. That did the job and also made me get rid of the files that prevented installation earlier.
Everything is running smoothly now. =)