LibreOffice 4.4 and Microsoft OneDrive

Apparently LibreOffice can connect with Microsoft OneDrive since version 4.4.0. Unfortunately I cannot find this functionality in version 4.4.3 and even on the www there does not seem to be article explaining where to find it or how to use it. Does it actually really exist?

Seems by now not impossible but near, please take a look to
OneDrive Integration Request fdo#62437

When you write “not IMpossible”, do you mean “not POSSIBLE”?

“The only solution for now is to create an OneDrive application and manually build LO.” maybe it’s possible for who are able to do that, so not impossible but almost. :slight_smile:

Ok, fine, you explain a work around but I am actually asking for the real solution. Is the LibreOffice functionality to connect to OneDrive available/working? Seems the answer is no, despite the release note saying it is.

Upload files from LibreOffice in the browser. Login to your M. Onedrive and upload from the browser. it works even though it is a few extra steps. It keeps Onedrive from trying to take over your device; gives you much more control of your documents, photos etc.