Libreoffice 4 won't start, no error messages


I just installed the latest Libreoffice on my Windows 7 64 machine. I installed Draw only. Neither the soffice.exe, nor the sdraw.exe start up. There is no error message. If I open the task manager, I see the following processes for about 1 second and then they disappear without displaying any errors:


I’ve performed an installation repair to no avail.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: I installed the other programs in the Libreoffice package and now I can start Draw (and the others as well). There might be an issue with the installer itself if the Draw dependencies are only installed if the entire Libreoffice suite is installed…

There is a confiremed bug with partial installations

fdo#33798 – Status: RESOLVED FIXED.

See also this answer: “The option to select which Modules to install has been removed from the Windows Custom install dialog…”

i have the same problem on linux

try quit quickstarter then run it

This is weird. My friend have same problem as well. I just push the power button until the laptop turned off, and restart. I didn’t do anything other than that, and LO run without any problem.
Other way, try to log out and re-login.

I canot open LibreOffice Calc (Excel) either. I have work to do and now what? A friend talked me into reformatting my laptop to Linux… I can’t say I’m that pleased with it… Now I have book work to do for a customer and I can’t open anything. =/

@hbell – Please ask a new question.